eSPRINTS are facilitated opportunities for your staff to collaboratively solve real-world challenges in your business. They nurture creative mindsets and enable staff to practice with new innovation tools including journey maps, personas, hybrid brainstorming & prototyping.

Virtual teams improvise to quickly gather customer insights, frame, ideate, assess (impacts & blockers), swiftly prototype & test. You decide programme duration. Your teams will be fully supported on their online innovation journey by experienced mentors.


“Fergal co-designed & brilliantly delivers our amazing monthly “Innovate Together“ customer workshops. These unique Zoom or eSprints bring our clients together to create new products, services & processes that solve complex challenges in construction. We also seamlessly network & practice with proven innovation tools.”
Tomas McKeon CEO

"Fergal facilitated our globally distributed people to collaborate in remote teams, in different time zones to creatively solve problems in our business using a structured yet self-paced format. Emails, videos, shared digital spaces, staged submissions, online coaching and video pitches made it a superb on-demand programme that benefitted participants greatly."
Aongus McGrane Senior Executive - HR Development Specialist